welcome to my kawaii blog

welcome to my kawaii blog. owned by ceL`s
this is my special place where i can meditate and share my emotions with
please remind yourself that this is my blog and i can put anything i want to post
troublemakers aren't welcome here

navigations my naviations maybe a bit hard to understand thats why ill explain to you the locations of each of the tabs

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PLAGIARISM is a crime

ceL`s My korean name is Choi Hee Chan, I'm 100% Indonesian, my race is chinese; currently in senior highschool, 4 January; capricorn, i love kawaii stuffs and watching korean dramas
& i love Lee HyukJae xD *untill death xD*

wanna cry..
25 facts about Me myself [funny/serious/reality/fu...
..Season come and season go..
..barang2 yang gue incer xD..
[ONESHOT][PG 13] Gadis pemimpi....
Liburan =a=